Technical specifications of the High Performance Computing (HPC) environment on Copperfist


Key ingredients of the High Performance Computing (HPC) environment of the Copperfist cluster

Virtual Servers

  • Jumphosts: cf-porch
  • User Interfaces (UIs): copperfist
  • Deploy Admin Interfaces (DAIs): copperfist
  • Sys Admin Interfaces (SAIs): copperfist
  • Compute Nodes: copperfist

  • Chaperones:

Shared Storage

A Logical File System (LFS) is usually a piece of a larger Physical File System (PFS) that serves a specific need for a specific user group. In case it as a network file system you could call it a share. In addition to LFS-ses for home dirs and the centrally deployed software and reference data the Copperfist HPC cluster has access to the following LFS-ses:

  • Available prm LFS-ses: prm05, prm06, prm07, prm35, prm36, prm37, prm45, prm46, prm47
  • Available tmp LFS-ses: tmp06

Resources available to Slurm jobs

regular partition

Resource Amount/value
Number of nodes 1
Cores/node 120
RAM/node (MB) 499072
Storage/node (MB) 0
Node features tmp06