SSH agent forwarding with OpenSSH on macOS / Linux / Unix

  • Check if your private key was added to the SSH agent on your local client by issuing the command
    $your_client> ssh-add -l
  • You should get a response with the key fingerprint of the private key you want to use.
  • If instead you get the message The agent has no identities or Could not open a connection to your authentication agent,
    then you will need to add your private key:
    • If your private key is located in the default path (${HOME}/.ssh/id_ed25519) you can use the following command:
      $your_client> ssh-add
    • If your key is not located in the default path, you will have to specify which private key file to add:
      $your_client> ssh-add /path/to/my/private.key
  • Login to Betabarrel with SSH agent forwarding enabled can now be accomplished with the -A argument on the commandline like this:
    $your_client> ssh -A bb-porch+betabarrel

Note: You cannot accomplish this by configuring a ProxyCommand directive in a ${HOME}/.ssh/conf.d/* config file on your local client computer.

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